What to expect

For most of our customers the most exciting part of their wilderness experience is being with the llamas. A wonderful relationship awaits you on the trail, as you are hiking in the wilderness through old growth forests, knee deep in ferns, and wildflowers. The agile pack llama can jump over fallen trees, ford cold mountain streams, while their padded feet have a low impact on the trail, and environment. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned hiker our llama pack trips will fulfill your expectations.

Sign up for an opening on one of our pack Trip Destinations or let us customize a trip for you. We customize each trip length, and destination to fit your needs. Most of our trips range from 3 to 6 days. With Five Wilderness Areas to choose from, we can customize a vacation to fit your needs, and wants.

We supply the llamas, guides, fresh healthy foods, (3 meals a day beginning with lunch on the first day, and ending with lunch on the last day), tents, and all the camp gear. You supply your warm sleeping bag/pad, and personal items up to 20# per person. Musical instruments welcome. With the llamas carrying all the camping gear, this allows people who are not able to carry packs, children, senior citizens, etc., the opportunity to enjoy a true adventure in the wilderness!