About your guides

David and I met while attending Los Altos high school back in 1969. I come from a family long involved in the entertainment business. David is a direct descendent of Secundino Robles. One of the first Spanish families to settle in the Monterey, and Santa Clara region. of California.

We have packed with horses, mules, and Llamas, all of our adult life. The last 16 years with our Llamas. On occasion I guided for Shasta Llamas, one of the first Llama packers in the United States. There is nothing we haven’t experienced when it comes to packing with stock in the wilderness. Every trip is a true adventure!

When we are not guiding Pack Trips, David and I are private contractors doing Forestry & Natural Resource work. We are also associated with Northern California Resource Center.

Our field work is mainly with the U.S.F.S. & BLM, & large private land holders. On some occasions we use the Llamas on remote wilderness projects. Some of the projects we have worked on: U.S.F.S. Tree Improvement projects. Collecting data for progeny plantations. Selection and the collection of Rust Resistant Sugar Pine trees and cones. Survey and Manage projects (Mollusk , Salamander & Mushrooms). Bio mass, Fuel Inventory, G.P.S. & Wilderness boundaries, also Pre Historical Archeological digs, and the location of the Yreka Historical Trail .

I’m not good at tooting our horn, there’s a time, and a place for everything. The best way to find out more about David and I, would be around the campfire on one of our trips.